How to Add Funds

Adding funds to your wallet

In order to add funds to your account for subscribing and purchasing content, the process is as follows.
1. Go to your "Edit My Profile" button at the top right of the home page.
2. Go to "Wallet" under the Account section.
3. From here, you can add funds to your account. This page will redirect you to the TeenMarvel store, where you will be able to purchase different funding amounts. Add the amount you want, and proceed to checkout.
4. Once your checkout process has completed, you will receive a receipt of your payment being processed.
5. Once complete, the funds will manually be added to your account. This process is not instant, even for our long term supporters. We apologize but this is the only current way to add funds, due to the strict security for our models.

Once the funds have been added to your account, they can be used however you wish. You are free to subscribe, purchase content, or tip models as necessary. Whenever you need to recharge your wallet, simply follow this process again.
Thank you.