About us

MarvelFans is a creator platform designed for popular models from the TM & MC sphere. While other platforms similar to MarvelFans exist, none had the capability and ecosystem that our models and fans require. Because of the lack of security at other sites, the stigma of some of the content of other creators, the lack of any of ability to be “found”, or simply because of contract reasons; there was no solution given to them. Thinking from the models perspective, this is very understandable. Why try to build a “fans” site separate from TM and MC, when most of your audience came from us (or even farther back for some)? Putting two and two together, it only makes sense to integrate a fan platform into our family of websites, solving almost all of the problems they have.

Thus, MarvelFans was created. Here you will be able to interact, chat, and have fun with your favourite models... something many have asked for years to happen. Our models have the ability to monetize themselves further, with the ability to upload content of themselves, and sell their photos and videos to fans exclusively. There are still restrictions, which you can read about on our rules page, but the goal of MF is to make sure that you get even more of the models you enjoy most while waiting for their next professional photo sets to release.

We hope you enjoy the website as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Any questions or comments can be sent to any of our websites. Or you can simply use our contact form here. Thank you for your support!