by Marvel Admin

How to Download Photos / Videos

Jul 19, 2022
This method will work on all desktops / laptops. 

We understand many have trouble downloading or saving content they've purchased here. To fix this issue, we are listing a few recommendations that can be safely made to enable the ability to right-click + save content. The first and easiest method is to install plugins that do so.
For Google Chrome:
For Mozilla Firefox:

Both of these plugins are lite and safe to use. They simply re-enable the use of right click on websites that have this disabled. Once you install the plugin in the browser of your choice, you simply need to refresh the page and you should be able to save content here by right click + save.

For those who do not wish to install plugins, we recommend the following guides: (for Firefox)

We hope to implement other ways to download content, hopefully in a zip format for you to download. However, the above method is what we're using currently with no issues. If you still have trouble on desktop / laptop using these methods, please let us know and we will be happy to help you.

Thank you for your support!